A Career in Merchant Navy as a Navigating Officer

 Efficient transport by sea is extremely important, particularly for a country like India, which has a long coastline and glorious maritime traditions. Indian Merchant Shipping comprises of Passenger vessels, Cargo liners, Tankers, Carriers, Container vessels and many other types of specialized ships. These ships are operated by public and private sector shipping companies and manned by trained navigators, marine engineers and crewmembers. To cater to such specialized training, Vels Academy of Maritime Studies offers an integrated and comprehensive facility for deck officers. Candidates who successfully complete training at this institute will be eligible for taking jobs as Navigating Officers on board any ship sailing in the vast oceans of the world.

The Navigating Officers who qualify from  Maritime Studies will be responsible for the navigation ships, loading and discharging of cargo, maintenance of ships, safety of passengers and crew and observance of various national and international codes of conduct. In so far as they relate to sea transportation, the highest rank that navigating officers can expect to attain on board a merchant ship is that of A Master (CAPTAIN) of A Ship To be employed as a navigating officer on a merchant ship, it is necessary to obtain a certificate of competency under the regulations in force.

 Career Path:

                                        10+2 (HSC)

                              B.Sc Nautical Science

                              Deck Cadet (Junior Navigation Officer)

                              2nd Officer

                              Chief Officer



Bachelor of Science (Nautical Sciences) (B.Sc. Nautical Science)

Minimum Admission Requirement:

An unmarried male candidate for being eligible for admission to the B.Sc. (Nautical Sciences) degree course must have passed the Higher Secondary School Certificate (Std.XII) examination conducted by the Maharashtra State Board of Secondary Education, Pune, or an examination of any other University or body recognised as equivalent thereto, with the following subjects :-

1. English (Higher level or Lower level)
2. Physics
3. Chemistry
4. Mathematics

There shall be an examination at the end of each year of the course. The examinations at the end of First and Second Year shall be conducted by the college. The final examination at the end of Third Year for the degree of Bachelor of Science (Nautical Sciences) shall be conducted by the University.
DURATION:  Three years


This 1 year course consists of 2 semesters and exams are conducted by IGNOU (Indra Gandhi National Open University). After passing out the exams conducted by IGNOU, the cadets will be awarded DIPLOMA IN NAUTICAL SCIENCE by IGNOU. The cadets will be joining on board vessel as a Trainee cadet. They will have to obtain 18 months sea service (Two years time will take to complete the 18 months sea experience). With this 18 months sea experience, they will undergo 4 months Second mate’s foundation course & they are eligible to appear for 2nd mate exams. After passing second mate exams, they will be promoted as Second officer.

This Diploma in Nautical Science course also leads to get B.Sc degree in Nautical Science by IGNOU. During the first 18 months sea service, IGNOU is conducting the Distance learning Programme(DLP) by giving the necessary study material. With further sea service & exams they will be promoted to Chief Officer and then becoming Captain of the ship.
The below career path shows, that how a candidate can become a captain of the ship & the award of B.Sc (Nautical Science) degree by IGNOU at various levels.

1 year
Award of Diploma in
Nautical Science by IGNOU & CDC by DGS
18 Months Sea Service & DLP course by IGNOU


(starting salary of 500-700 USD p.m)

(7000-8000 USD p.m)
(5000 USD p.m)
(3000 USD p.m)

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