Those interested in maritime industry and having a knack for engineering, can pursue Marine Engineering Courses in India. A career in Marine Engineering ensures excellent growth opportunities and exciting job profiles for those interested in working on the ships or at the coasts. Marine Engineering courses deal with construction and maintenance of ships, other sailing vessels, ports and cargo facilities at waterfront. Marine engineers take complete charge of the engine room of a ship and the functioning of various devices like electric motors, steam engines, propulsive engines, etc. They also develop newer designs for the engines of sailing vessels and check the efficiency of existing equipments like gas or stem turbines, diesel or nuclear propulsion plants. New technologies like superconductivity, fuel cells and hydrodynamics are being explored in this field to make the vessels more efficient, thus supplying this field with even more interesting job propositions.  Career at Sea as a Marine Engineer ensures wide range of prospects to the aspirants. INSTITUTES contribution to the Shipping industry is increasing every minute because of the need to provide trained personnel from time to time. The second year (Phase-2) training imparted on-board helps the candidate to thoroughly understand the way of life at sea and gives him ample time to set his mind to the challenges that he will face in the rest of his career. The fact is that the enthusiasm that the student has, in keeping his mind open to learning new things, is seen as soon as he joins the ship as a 5th Engineer. Through ATS, ACADEMIES makes the candidate to commence his career as 5th Engineer at 20 years of age, thereby assuring him the opportunities to become a Chief Engineer in five to six years time, which is subject to passing the examinations conducted by D.G.Shipping and fulfilling the required sea time at each level. 
As fifth engineer, the salary commences with USD 750, and the wages cross USD 2500 when he is upgraded to the next level, such as fourth engineer. In each promotion, the salary goes upward by an addition of USD 1000+. Interestingly, the Chief Engineer’s present day salary is almost USD 6500 and above.. The marine engineers get NRI status, which is, tax-free income based on their service at sea, ex-India. An opportunity to see the world through sailing as a professional without any expense is an additional benefit, being a seafarer. Luxurious life through lucrative salary comes as a big compensation being away from home. 

The life at sea is not continuous as there is always a break every six months (minimum) for one to prepare for his examination and further promotion. The shipping companies do pay wages even for the off period and this comes purely on merit basis. Hence, one need not be afraid of missing home for long time.
The shore based job opportunities are also available in plenty when one become a Chief Engineer and put adequate experience at sea. At such level, he can engage himself as a maintenance engineer in star hotels and private companies where marine power plants are installed, can be a Surveyor in Government departments, private shipping companies/ agencies, can be a faculty or in higher level as Principal / Training Co-ordinator in maritime training institutes, etc., with good salary. Therefore, a marine engineer becomes versatile and competent enough in all respects, with his services warranted both at sea and ashore.


Marine Engineering and the role of Marine Engineers
From the ancient days till today, Shipping by Ocean remains the most efficient and cost effective mode of transportation used by the global trading community. With the increase in exports and imports between countries, the number of ships operating across the globe has already crossed one lakh and is still growing. Relatively, the requirement of marine engineers has been increasing day by day.
A Modern ship consists of a host of complex and sophisticated machinery like large diesel engines, boilers, steam engines, steam turbines, gas turbines, alternators, pumps, crosses, winches, compressors, refrigeration & air-conditioning plants etc.
The role of the Marine engineer is to perform the task of operating and maintaining these machinery safely and efficiently which requires a high degree of skill and expertise. We at IMA, Chennai, are fully equipped to provide high standard of training to produce top class marine Engineers.
Career Prospects for Marine Engineer
After the cadets complete the four year Marine Engineering course and a four-Modular course successfully, the student is eligible, to be appointed as Junior Engineer on Merchant Ships. On completion of the stipulated period on ships and after passing the required competency Examination conducted by the Directorate General of Shipping, Govt. of India or Marine Administration of other governments, the Engineer becomes a Chief Engineer of a ship within 5 to 6 years

Admission to Marine Engineering courses in India are generally done through several entrance examinations conducted between the months of April and June. 

The various courses in marine engineering, their duration and eligibility requirements are as follows-

B.E Marine Engineering,

Duration: 4 years; Eligibility: 10+2 level pass with Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and English 

M.E Marine Engineering,

Duration: 2 years, Eligibility: B.E Marine Engineering. 
Ph.D, Eligibility: M.E Marine Engineering. 

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