f you have the spirit to travel, then you can easily sort out your own working holiday arrangements from your own country for FREE.

Why pay big money to an agency in your home country when you can make your arrangements with a few phone calls. It really is that easy.

For a working holiday in the UK all you need is:

  • A EU passport (except for Romania & Bulgaria), or a working holiday visa, or an ancestry visa.
  • An air ticket.
  • Accommodation on arrival.
  • A live in job.
And that is all there is to it. The way to go about it is described below.

Visa/working document: If you are resident in an eligible country (other than EU) then this process is very easy. The British Consulate in your country is more than happy to deal directly with you in making your visa application, and their job is to be really helpful. Romanian & Bulgarian citizens should consult with the British consulate in their home country regarding the rules for working in the UK.

Air Ticket : Contact the airline operating out of your own country, or search the internet for cheap flights. Remember it may be a condition of your visa, and a good idea, to buy a return ticket.

Accommodation on Arrival: There is an endless list of accommodation available on the internet. You could book yourself into a cheap hotel in London, or book into one of the many hostels that cater specifically for travellers both in London and in cities across the UK (see list below). It rarely takes us more than a few days to find you live in work, but if you are looking for a longer term accommodation solution to living in London you should try .This system works really well in London and lets you sort out accommodation before you travel.

A live in job:  We have been finding work for eligible travellers since 1996. We recieve in hundreds of jobs, across the UK, waiting to be filled throughout the year. Sorting out a job on arrival in the UK is very fast and easy, 

Our service gives you the freedom to select the type of job that suits you. It also gives you the opportunity to speak to employers direct, and lets you decide who you work for and where you work.

Many agencies that organise working holidays charge you twice: once for finding you work, and twice by taking a cut of your wages. This is illegal in the UK. Our service is totally free to you. Wages in the UK are controlled by Minimum Wage Legislation, see the UK Governments DTI website for full information( ) . This means that at the moment you would expect to earn around £214/week gross for a 40hr week with (normally) free food and accommodation for hotel/bar work.

London Hostel Contacts: (includes sites across the UK)

Edinburgh Hostel Contacts:

Britain has it all: the beautiful countryside of the South Downs and the Yorkshire Dales; quaint villages full of history and legend; the breathtaking scenery of Scotland and the Lake District; the excitement of some of the world’s most vibrant cities - and all within easy reach of the continent! Take the ferry from England to France, Ireland or Spain; a high-speed train from London to Paris; or a 2-hour plane trip to the Alps, the Mediterranean or Germany’s infamous Oktoberfest.

Live-in care work with Consultus offers a great opportunity to do all these things while earning good money to pay for it all.

With Consultus you choose the time when you are available to work.

While you can come to Britain and work for Consultus at any time you may be placed more quickly and enjoy more choice if you can start work before the British wintertime. This way you should have made enough money to enjoy Europe’s summer too!

What we first need from you

You will need to prove to us that you have the right to work in the UK before we can begin to look for work on your behalf. Therefore, if you are from another country and thinking of finding work in Britain please ensure you meet all the necessary requirements before you apply and that you prepare fully before you leave your home country.

The main requirement for all foreign applicants who do not speak English as their first language is that they can speak and understand English very well (if you have trouble understanding this page you probably do not have enough fluency to pass an interview with Consultus). This is particularly true for nurses and carers who live with and work for clients in their own homes. Our clients are usually elderly and often confused, hard of hearing or disabled with complicated needs. Sometimes they live a long way from their families and their nurse or carer is their only regular link with the world. It is important that our clients can hold a conversation and interrelate with the person who is living in their home.

Before you apply it will also help to have a valid EU, UK, International or other valid driving licence; and a valid UK visa (if applicable). Room and board is provided when you are working but bear in mind that you will need somewhere to stay between assignments.

European Union, EEA and Switzerland

There is free movement of people between the EU nations and any citizen of a European Union member state has an unrestricted right to live and work in the UK. Citizens of other countries that have become part of the larger European Economic Area share many of the same rights, as do Swiss nationals. However you will need to prove that you are from one of these countries before we find you work. You must therefore produce your EU identity card or passport at your interview.

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