There are three categories of ratings- deck, engine room and saloon (Catering). Deck rating is responsible for cargo handling, Mooring / unmooring and general maintenance of the ship. Similarly the engine room ratings assist the engineering officers in maintenance and operation of engines and associated equipment. The catering crew consists of Steward / Cooks and as the name suggests, they look after the catering and the house keeping.

In the modern day shipping with reduced manpower, thrust has come on combined deck and engine rating. For this DG Shipping has made it compulsory to run an integrated course for deck and engine ratings. The course is named as General Purpose Rating (G.P Rating). As per the directives of D.G. Shipping, separate deck and engine rating courses have been abolished with effect from 01st April 2003. G.P. Rating course is now mandatory for all aspirants wanting to join sea as deck or engine rating.

On successful completion of this Pre - Sea training, the candidates will be able to join as a RATING in Indian & Foreign shipping companies as a Deck Crew or Engine Crew. The G.P.Rating candidate will be able to work in all seamanship activities on-board at deck side and other work at Engine side. With further Sea-service, they will be promoted as DECK SERANG, BOSUN, Able-Bodied Seamen / Engine Fitter etc., They can also be promoted to officer Level with certain service and qualification requirements.
After completing this Pre-Sea Training, exams will be conducted by Board of examination for sea farers (BES) & successful candidates are eligible to obtain Continuous Discharge Certificate (INDIAN CDC) from the Directorate General of Shipping, Government of India.


PASS IN 10th Std with Total Average 40% marks.

 (With Individual Pass in Mathematics, Science Subjects). (or)

PASS in 2 year I.T.I Course from Govt. approved institute with

 minimum 50% aggregate marks in final year.

 40% Marks in English Subject is required either in 10th or 12th

 Standard (or) Any Degree / Diploma Course.



Age Limit:


Min. 17years 6 months -   25 yrs (maximum)


  No Color Blindness,   6/6 Vision in each eye. No Eye Glasses permitted.



Joining 6 months GP Rating Course

After Passing CDC is issued by DG Shipping which is required for employement

Eligible to join as either Deck Crew (or) Engine Crew

Promoted as AB Seaman, Bosun in Deck side (or) Promoted in Engine side

36 Months Sea Experience Eligible to appear for 2nd mate Exams

Eligible to get Promotion to Second officer & upto Captain Level

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